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AC97 Audio Codec
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AC’97 Audio Codec is an AC’97 compatible stereo audio codec designed for PC multimedia systems, including host / soft audio and on the basis of the AMR / CNR kanstruktsyy.Hots hardly the most interesting piece of software , AC ’97 Audio Codec with it an extensive addition to your audio settings. omvateen own technology converter to the signal-to-noise ratio is greater reach than 90 dB. It also supports various codec extensions with variable sampling rate and built 3D efekty.AC97AudioCodec provides two pairs stereavyhady with independent volume outputmana, as well as various stereo and mono inputs, but also for the mixing, gain and mute functions, provide a fully integrated audio solution. The codec can be used to benefit equally PC and netbukov.AC97 Audio Codec also supports SPDIF function waarmeeeenvoudig to connect to your computer for consumer electronic products. The codec comes with drivers for Windows and various sound effects (including Karaoke, emulation of 26 healthyenvironments, and 5-band equalizer) function has been completed from any computer sound sistemy.
Kaliu an audio codec solution needed for your PC, AC’97 Audio Codec is a good option.


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