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Cursed Repack MasterDarkness
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June 17, 2016: Release of the Year

Genre: Adventure, Hidden Object

Developer: Jetdogs Studios

Published: Jetdogs Studios

Platform: PC

Publication Type: repack

Language: Russian / Inglesa

V-English Inglesa

Crack: enclosing (SmartSteamEmu)

System requirements:

Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / 7.8.10

Processor: GHz


Video Card: 512 MB

disk space: GB


Damn – I Jetdogs genre Studios, creators of the TV series 12 Labours of Hercules, I’m looking for a new game! Go along with the main character will be lost beloved, and the terrible secrets of his past and future! Damn – JetDogs horror mysterious, very interesting and exciting new game familiar to many players Studios. The game has many unique advantages, including a story of conspiracy, intrigue, mystery and unexpected twists, great graphics, original puzzles and more. If you do not fucking afraid to dive into the world of reality, ready to save the planet from evil, or just want to spend a pleasant evening, damn – a great choice. The main character and her boyfriend Albert life is beautiful and full of happiness. It was … Until then, until a strange letter from Albert offer lucrative work from home. Alberta For a long time he had not received any news, and the main character (ie – the player) goes to the aid of his girlfriend, not what it is, and know what horrors he faced. From dragons, ghosts, demons, and other creatures horrible blocked. True love can overcome all obstacles? damn game and unexpected plot twists full. You will learn the secrets of an ancient spell to communicate with beings from another world, whose real name is to know and recognize the people in your past, so far, it is impossible to remember. And most importantly – only you can bring your favorite and let evil take over the world. Do you dare to take responsibility for all humanity? Damn, showing the wonders of ingenuity and care to notice and correct use of objects around, hidden locks and open all the doors, avoid obstacles and dangers to your favorite and you need to gather some information about the history of this place damned. Finally, important as well damn – stunning graphics and atmospheric music. The reality of the monsters, the environment, in general, the state of the game to create a special feeling. It can even run goosebumps on the back of the most hardened and fearless. Want a thrill? Damn still passing late at night.

Features repack:

– Game Version:

– Time Setting: 4 minutes

– By MasterDarkness repack

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