Various offers at 24 Hour Fitness in Santa Monica

Staying healthy and fit is hard for anyone. Many go on a diet while others prefer exercise. Of course, doing both will get you the results you desire that much faster. Sometimes, though, doing exercises on your own can be hard. You feel less motivated and at times, you feel too lazy to even start. In cases like this, having someone exercise with you can add to your motivation to keep at it until you reach your goal. Of course, not everyone has someone who can and is willing to join them in getting some exercise. That’s where the gym comes in. And if you’re in Santa Monica, there’s only one gym you should go to: the 24 Hour Fitness in Santa Monica.

This health and fitness center has many things to offer a first-time gym member or a pro. It is a state-of-the-art gym that offers numerous services to all its members. For those who wish to lose weight and meet new people, the 24 Hour Fitness in Santa Monica has group exercises that make losing weight while exercising fun. Not only will you be exercising, you have people doing it with you motivating you further to do well. Most of their classes are already inclusive of the gym membership fee and all of them are quite energizing, ensuring that you lose those extra pounds in a fun environment.  You can choose one or all of the classes offered and reach your dream weight in a totally fun way.

The 24 Hour Fitness in Santa Monica offers aerobic and step classes which are undoubtedly still the most effective in helping you build your cardiovascular endurance. These are also the most popularly known classes. The Boot camp classes, on the other hand, are more for people who love a little competition. These classes make use of a variety of exercises such as free weights, boxing drills, and even the good ole jump rope. Members enjoy a combination of aerobic and strength training activities all in one class.24 Hour Fitness Santa Monica

The 24 Hour Fitness in Santa Monica also has a unique workout class that you’ve probably never encountered before: Cycling class. Pedal with a group while listening to energetic music to get a great workout that not only helps you lose weight but strengthens your heart and lungs as well as reduces stress.

If you love dancing, you can join one of their dance classes that are truly enjoyable. Their dance classes include Hip Hop or Funk, Hustle, and Zumba. All the classes are easy to follow even for first-time dancers. Dancing divas will also enjoy the rhythm and moves offered in each of the classes.

For those who want a more athletic workout, you can check out their Kickboxing classes. With different kicks and punches incorporated into the drills, you get a high-intensity workout that also helps you build your balance, coordination, and strength. Sweating has never been so much fun!

Another unique offering of the 24 Hour Fitness in Santa Monica is their water exercise classes. Aqua aerobics is an effective exercise for strength building, increasing your flexibility, and losing fat. You don’t need to be an expert swimmer to join the classes. And this type of exercise lessens the risk of injury to your joints compared to working out through running, carrying weights, or other forms of exercises. With aqua aerobics, you build muscle and reduce fat all without breaking a sweat!